About Dr. Stewart F. Alexander

Stewart F. Alexander was a well-known physician in Park Ridge, NJ, and a pillar of the community. This student internship program was established in his honor.

Dr. Alexander was initially educated at the Staunton Military Academy in Virginia, and then went on to Dartmouth College in New Hampshire where he received his bachelor degree. He decided to follow in his father Samuel’s footsteps and pursue a medical career. He attended medical school at Dartmouth College for two years, and then transferred to Columbia University where he received his medical degree in 1937. His initial internship was at Bellevue Hospital. In 1940 he entered into the military service where he served in World War II and was commissioned as a First Lieutenant and eventually became a Lieutenant Colonel. In 1941 he was assigned from the 1st Division to Medical Research Division of the United States Army as a consultant on chemical warfare medicine. He invented a new eyeglass that could be worn under gas masks, and in 1942 turned his patent on this device over to the United States Army.

This program is dedicated to this community physician whose interest in education was paramount and inspired many to go into the profession of medicine.

This program would not be possible without the unwavering support of HUMC at Pascack Valley. Through our efforts, we strive to be a staple in the community and further cultivate the art and science of medicine.