Hear from the interns themselves…

"I don't have words to describe my adoration for this internship. I was able to participate in an experience that not only immersed me in the world of medicine, but allowed me to create strong relationships with both the other interns and with physicians. The knowledge and connections I made will remain an integral part of my journey into medicine and be some of my happiest memories." - FK
"The Stewart Alexander program was an unbelievable experience. It gave me a chance to see the details and inner workings of the health care profession, while also getting to know the great doctors that make up the community and it's hospitals. I am so grateful for the Stewart Alexander program and the doctors that made the summer amazing. It trusty solidified my desire to become a physician." - Brad
“The Stewart F. Alexander Summer Internship Program opened my eyes to the various fields of medicine. It was amazing to witness first-hand the different types of physicians and their roles they play in providing exceptional care to their patients. I was able to see the intricacies of team orientated care in a community hospital setting. The experiences are unforgettable, from having a patient code to seeing a twin C-section! The internship will forever be ingrained in my mind!” - TV
“Truthfully, I cannot imagine a better way to spend a summer than the Stewart Alexander Program, if you believe medicine to be your calling. The mentors and doctors were all so incredibly knowledgeable and eager to teach. This program is probably the most raw and unfiltered a medical experience one can garner as an undergraduate, short of being a doctor. I was interested in the surgical side of medicine, and, as such, spent most of my time in the OR, where I saw tens of cases in varying specialties from orthopedic to genitourinary. The most interesting case I saw was a Video Assisted Thoracic Surgery (VATS), where, the surgeon found it difficult to effectively conduct the procedure through the scopes and was consequently forced to open up the chest cavity; TV shows and videos simply miss the mark when portraying the inside of the chest cavity, and completely miss the board when attempting the capture the majesty of the beating heart, the sight of which is etched in my memory. The Stewart Alexander Program allowed me to experience, almost fully, the life of a physician and reinvigorated my drive to pursue medicine as a career.” - HS
"The most welcoming and educational medical experience I've ever had” - LI
“The Stewart F. Alexander Summer Internship Program has made me confident in the career path that I have chosen. Over the six weeks, I became familiar with and witnessed many diagnoses and procedures. In addition, I gained great mentors that have educated, challenged and motivated me in my work toward becoming a physician.” - ZP